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Struggling with my own sensitive skin for many years encouraged me to develop a mineral cosmetic line that is not only kind to skin, but also functional. I strongly believe that cosmetics should look after our skin rather than damage it. As women, don’t we all dream about having healthy and glowing skin. With this in mind, JB Minerals was born.

Is it possible that makeup can protect your skin from the sun, wind or cold and allow it to breathe? Yes, with mineral cosmetics it is!

Our lab, which meets the strictest EU standards is where we work hard to create our beauty products. Every ingredient is carefully selected and is the finest quality possible.They do not contain any synthetic compounds that can harm skin, because I know the consequences of using bad quality cosmetic on our skin. Every single product is handmade, unique, and suitable for all skin types.

I am extremely proud of JBMinerals and the range I’ve created. My hard work has paid off and I can now offer you something that is fun, healthy and friendly to the environment. I truly believe it’s the best you can offer your skin.

Warmest wishes

Jūratė Brasiūnaitė


Sole proprietorship Jūratė Brasiūnaitė P. code: 588334 Address: Stadiono g. 16 K5/1, Klaipėda LT–92271 Lithuania Phone: +370 63444339, E. mail: info@jbminerals.com